How We Can Help You

No matter your circumstances, our specially trained staff can help guide
you through to the best education.

UK - National Students


For UK students, We will secure your place for you.  Everything from contacting the university, faculty, lecturers, course tutors, admissions etc.  You won't have to lift a finger.  We will do it all.  Making this a completely stress free experience

Student Finance - We will ensure you get it on time

International Students Including Visa Applications


No matter what country you live in, we can help you secure your place.  With our expert Enrolement Consultants doing all the work for you.  It will feel like a breeze including all your visa applications.

Accomodation - We will find your perfect sanctuary


Arranging student finance can feel like a nightmare for some students.  Without it, many students just cant afford to go to university.   So getting the application right the first time is an absolute must.  Our specially trained team have years of experience in student finance applications and can guarantee that everything is done in the proper way in a timely manor to ensure you get the student finance support you need when you start your course.


Finding the perfect place is much harder than it seems.  Too often students end up moving from one location to the next simply because they dont know what they need.  Our trained staff have close links with univeristy Halls and private landlords and can ensure you find the perfect accomodation for you so you can get the best out of university life.